Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paula Abdul Wishes Cheryl Cole A Happy Birthday Via Twitter

Former "X Factor" judge Cheryl Cole turned 28 years old on June 30, 2011, and "The X Factor" U.S. judge Paula Abdul has sent supportive birthday greetings to Cole on Twitter.

Abdul, 49, said on her Twitter account in two separate messages:

Wow it's already June 30th! Happy Birthday to the beautiful & multi-talented #CherylCole! I miss your fiery sweetness! :)

#CherylCole You're the very stuff of stardom sweetheart- I'm anxiously waiting w/ open eyes& ears to see what you have in store! Love u! xoP

In May 2011, Cole was famously fired from "The X Factor" U.S. after doing just four audition dates. Cole was then replaced by Nicole Scherzinger on the show's judging panel, whose three other judges are "The X Factor" executive producer Simon Cowell, Abdul and L.A. Reid.

Although there had been reports there was some tension/jealousy between Abdul and Cole over who was Cowell's favorite female judge on the panel, ever since Cole left the show, Abdul and Cole have gone out of their way to prove that there are no hard feelings between the two women.

The same can't be said for Cole and Cowell, who are now estranged and no longer speak to each other. Cowell told the media that he takes "full responsibility" for how Cole's "X Factor" exit was handled, and he says that Cole has rejected his attempts to communicate with her.

When Scherzinger made her debut as a judge on "The X Factor" U.S. on June 8, 2011 in Newark, New Jersey, Cole reportedly sent gifts to all of the show's judges except for Cowell. Scherzinger and Abdul received flowers from Cole, while Reid got a fruit basket. Abdul has also posted several messages on Twitter expressing her admiration of Cole. As previously reported, Cole is making her first major public appearance since her "X Factor" exit by throwing a birthday party for herself in London on July 1.

None of the "The X Factor" U.S. judges is expected to be there, since they all have to be at "X factor" auditions in Seattle through June 30, 2011. Cole's July 1 birthday party starts at 9 p.m. London time, which is 1 p.m. Seattle time. The June 30 "X Factor" audiitons in Seattle are expected to end between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Seattle time. It is highly unlikely that any of the "The X Factor" judges would take a red-eye plane flight immediately after the auditions, which would be the only way to get to Cole's London party on time. Cowell would not have been invited to the party anyway.

The Daily Mirror reports that "The X Factor" U.K. judge Louis Walsh and Cole's band mates in Girls Aloud and have been invited to the party. Who will actually show up at the event is another story.

Speaking of birthdays, Scherzinger's 33rd birthday was on June 29, 2011, which she spent in Seattle for "X Factor" U.S. auditions. Cowell's birthday gifts to Scherzinger were a cake and a T-shirt deoorated his face.

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