Thursday, December 9, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL: First Look At Idol Auditions: Is Jennifer Lopez The Second Coming Of Paula Abdul?

New American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez appears to be channeling Paula Abdul — at least based on the first two Season 10 audition videos.

On a superficial level, comparisons are easy. Both come from dance backgrounds: Abdul was a Lakers cheerleader and choreographer for Janet Jackson, while Lopez got her break as a Fly Girl on In Living Color. Both are known for their catchy hooks rather than their octave range. They even share the same spot at the judges table — the middle seat.

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And the similarities don't end there, if you watch these audition videos (below). J.Lo natters like Paula — with no Simon Cowell to shut her up. Randy Jackson is reserved as always. (Why is he seated in the last chair again?) And Steven Tyler is too busy bobbing and weaving his head to the jams to muster anything more than "yes" and "sick."

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Here's hoping that someone learns how to rein in Lopez— and that Jenny From the Block also learns how to channel that passion toward stronger critiques than "I like it, I like you" or "You're a fighter."

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